Nicknames can boost our self-esteem and establish a close connection with our dearest and nearest.

As you’re looking for nicknames for Theodore, you’ll be thrilled to discover this wonderful collection of 80 nicknames for this amazing name!

Not only does this classy name sound great, but it also has a truly wonderful meaning.

In this short article, you’ll also learn a little more about the name Theodore, its origins, popularity, as well as some famous people who share this name!

Keep scrolling to find loads of unique nicknames and middle names for Theodore, and find out what makes this masculine name so special!

Meaning And Origin Of The Name Theodore

First things first: what does the name Theodore mean?

Well, its origin can be traced back to ancient Greece and the name Θεόδωρος (Theódoros).

The name comes from the Greek words theós and dōron, which translate to gift of God, God/given, divine gift.

It has a powerful and beautiful meaning, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

Some variants include Theodor, Fyodor, Theodoros, Feodor, Theodorus, and so on.

The feminine form Theodora is equally amazing!

I’ve always had a thing for names of Greek origin, so I’ll say this name is among my favorites!

You’ve already picked this charming name for your baby boy, so it’s time we looked at some cute and unique nickname ideas as well!

Of course, you may have a friend, colleague, or someone else named Theodore in your life, and are looking for a cool nickname for them.

I hope these ideas and suggestions help you pick the perfect nickname for them, but just be careful that that person is okay with it!

What sounds cute to you might make the person feel uncomfortable. Keep that in mind.

Let’s check out my top 80 fantastic nickname ideas for Theodore!

Top 10 Nicknames For Theodore

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There are so many brilliant nicknames for Theodore, but these are my 10 absolute favorite nicknames for Theodore:

1. Dorey

2. Thor

3. Theo

4. Tedz

5. Doron

6. Dore

7. Ted

8. Tod

9. Theseus

10. Doddy

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Cool Nicknames For Theodore

If you’re looking for cool nicknames for Theodore that stand out, you’ll love these ideas:

1. Thadz

2. Dorus

3. T

4. Oddo

5. Theoy

6. Theoys

7. T-Dor

8. Tee

9. Big T

10. Theon

11. Tedward

12. T-Man

13. Teador

14. Thaddus

15. T-Dog

16. Mr T

17. T Bear

18. Odd

19. Thee

20. Thane

21. Theodoros

22. Teo

23. Teodor

Creative Nicknames For Theodore

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If you have a very special Theodore in your life and want to get a little creative, take a look at these catchy ideas for nicknames for Theodore:

1. Od

2. Rich T

3. Thao

4. Odo

5. TheoDon

6. Divine

7. Teddums

8. Theodoraball

9. Otto

10. Chipmunk

11. Theodosius

12. Todor

13. Dor

14. Thyme

15. Treasure

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Funny Theodore Nicknames

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Funny nicknames can be really awesome, so don’t miss these hilarious ideas

Funny nicknames for Theodore:

1. Tee-rannosaurus

2. Teddy Spaghetti

3. Tedwerd Spaggedward

4. Thee-rex

5. Bear

6. Thinny

7. Geodore

8. Scary Dory

9. The-Odor

10. Theosaurus

11. Theodore Man

12. Teddy Bear

Cute Nicknames For Theodore

Here are even more good nicknames that are hella cute:

1. Teddy

2. Teddy-Beary

3. Doddy

4. Theodorus

5. Doro

6. Dory

7. Thed

8. Teedie

9. Little

10. Theobear

Middle Names For Theodore

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Not all names go well together, so I’ve also included this fabulous middle name list for a baby boy named Theodore.

Check out the following suggestions if you’re looking for wonderful middle names for your baby:

1. Theodore Caleb

2. Theodore Clark

3. Theodore William

4. Theodore Thomas

5. Theodore Sebastian

6. Theodore Heath

7. Theodore Anthony

8. Theodore Albert

9. Theodore Lucas

10. Theodore Elijah

Baby Name Theodore: Popularity

You might think that Theodore is a trending name, but how popular is it among the other baby boy names?

It’s a very popular name. In fact, it was the 44th most popular name in the US for 2018!

It’s been present in the US since 1880. In 1904, it reached its highest popularity – ranking at position 30.

This classy name for a baby boy is expected to become even more popular in the future!

Famous People And Characters With The Name Theodor

Get even more inspired by all these famous Theodores:

1. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. – the 26th president of the United States is at the top of the list!

2. Theodore Anthony Nugent (Ted Nugent) – “...can you take me high enough?” 🙂 Who hasn’t heard of Uncle Ted and the supergroup, Damn Yankees?

This brilliant guitar player and vocalist surely kicks ass!

3. Theodore Evelyn Mosby (Ted Mosby) – protagonist in the famous How I Met Your Mother sitcom.

4. Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) – you’ve probably enjoyed some of his notable children’s books. If not, his famous quotes are basically everywhere!

5. Ted Danson – a famous actor I like best for his role in CSI: Cyber.

6. Theodore Seville – the youngest chipmunk from Alvin and the Chipmunk series and films. A shy, gullible, and sweet boy who melts your heart easily.

7. Theodore Samuel Williams (Ted Williams) – if you’re into baseball, you’ve probably heard of this famous player.

8. Theodore Sharp Ligety – alpine skiing fans remember this name because he is a former ski racer who won two gold Olympic medals!

To Wrap It Up

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We’ve reached the end of my fantastic collection of nicknames for Theodore!

This boy name gained its popularity a long time ago, and still remains one of the most popular choices.

It’s a truly amazing name with a divine meaning, and interesting roots and origin.

I hope my collection has helped you choose the perfect nickname for your special Theodore!

It’s not always easy to pick a good nickname, but with these 80 charming ideas you can’t go wrong.

However, always make sure you don’t use any nickname that might make that person uncomfortable.

We want to establish a connection with that person, not humiliate them.

Finally, I hope you’ll share your own nickname ideas for Theodore in the comments section! I’m excited to hear from you!

Until next time!

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Top 80 Nicknames For Theodore The Ultimate Collection

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