Do you have a friend, a brother, or just a person dear to you whose name is Nicholas, and want to find the perfect nickname for him?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place! I have collected some of the best nicknames for Nicholas just for you, so you can give your dear person a fresh new name.

But first, let’s find out more about the meaning and origin of this beautiful and popular name.

Meaning And Origin Of The Name Nicholas

Nicholas is one of the select few names that can be included in any list of “timeless male names”. It has always been in fashion, both today and in the centuries past.

The real meaning of the name Nicholas, as well as its origin, are both quite interesting.

The name Nicholas has Greek origins and comes from the Greek name Nikolaos, which is again derived from “nike” for victory and “laos” for “people” and means “victory of the people”.

Although it spread with the advent of Christianity, the name Nicholas was common even before Christianity.

In the Middle Ages, it spread through the name of St. Nicholas, who ruled in the 4th century as the bishop of Myra in Lycia (today’s Turkey). Numerous legends have been formed around his character.

Now let’s take a look at some great names!

10 Best Nicknames For Nicholas

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1. Snick

2. Nika

3. Nik

4. Nic

5. Nickibug

6. Nico

7. Collin

8. Mikoláš

9. Knickens

10. Koyla

Cute Nicknames For Nicholas

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Check out some of these cute baby boy names.

1. Pickle Nick

2. CeeKay

3. Knickers

4. Nickelodeon

5. Cole

6. Snickers

7. Nio

8. Nicktoons

9. Nickson

10. Nickelback

11. Nickles

12. Nicky

Funny Nicknames For Nicholas

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1. Neckbone — You don’t respect him that much.

2. Nicker Trash — Might sound disrespectful but you actually fancy this guy.

3. Knocked out — Not really a winner. I mean…the name says it all.

4. Nippy — This guy is lively and active.

5. Nibbles — This one is a cutie.

6. Nickiboo — A perfect petname for your boyfriend.

7. Nicksie — A form of Nicholas to be given to a guy with a pixie cut hairstyle.

8. Numbnuts — Cool and funny name for a foolish Nicholas who often talks nuts.

9. Nomp — Not really a member of MENSA, to say the least.

10. Notty Nicho — Nicholas living on the edge.

11. Nobo — For a newbie Nicholas.

12. Nemo — A pet name for the cutest pet ever.

13. Nugget — We can easily tell what’s his favorite food. Also one of the cutest baby names.

14. Nutty — Obviously, this guy is a bit insane, so don’t push him to his limits.

15. Noodle — If noodles are his favorite food, then search no more.

Cool Nicknames For Nicholas

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1. Saint Nick — Walks around with an halo.

2. NickJr — A perfect name for a young guy named Nicholas whose father is called the same.

3. Nicho Bug — He loves spiders or is a spider himself.

4. Cola — For Nicholas who likes Coke too much.

5. Nic — Just a short version of this name. Easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

6. Salohcin — Anadromes are fun! OK, this one means nothing, but still…

7. Nick — Evergreen. You can’t go wrong with this one.

8. Klaus — Sounds like a cold and serious German name. Perhaps perfect for your Nickholas.

9. Nicotine — He does yoga in free time, obviously. Jokes apart, the guy has a bad , unhealthy habit.

10. Nix — Cool short form. Simple yet effective.

11. Chol — Just another cool name you could use to call your dear friend, it is distinctive for sure.

12. Hola — Best to be used for a Nicholas of Latino origin.

13. Nickolaz — Not an ordinary guy.

Famous People Named Nicholas

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1. Nick Jonas — Priyanka Chopra’s husband, among other things.

2. Nicolas Sarkozy — President who comes from the land of love.

3. Nick Nolte — You know him from “The prince of tides”.

4. Nicolaus Copernicus — World-famous historical figure, best known for his model of the universe where he puts the Sun at the center of the Solar system.

5. Nick Foles — American footballer who plays for the Chicago Bears in the quarterback position.

6. Saint Nicholas — A Christian bishop, the patron saint of sailors, but also of children and families.

7. Nick Saban — He doesn’t play football, but he teaches other how to to play. And he does it well.

8. Nicolas Kiefer — Famous German professional tennis player currently in retirement.

9. Nicholas Cage — “Leaving Las Vegas” star; also starred in a bunch of other movies.

10. Nicolas Flamel — A well-known scribe and manufacturer seller from Medieval France.

11. Nicholas Offerman — Known as a great comedian who once was a carpenter.

12. Nikola Tesla — Some say that he was the greatest mind that ever lived. They also say Edison was inspired by him.

13. Niccolò Machiavelli — A great political philosopher from Italy, whose most famous work is “The Prince”.

14. Nick Cannon — You know him from The Nick Cannon Show, bunch of movies, and he also makes music ocasionally.

15. Nick Collison — Known to the slightly older generations who followed the NBA, he played for the SuperSonics franchise.

16. Nick Young — A former NBA player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, also called “Swaggy P”.

17. Nicolas Mahut — Coming from France, he used to be the best tennis player in the world in doubles.

18. Nick Lachey — Maybe not his most famous role, but I remember him from TV series Charmed.

19. Nicholas Sparks — If you love reading romantic novels, you definitely know this name.

20. Nick Frost — A popular actor and screenwriter from Wales.

21. Nicolas Winding Refn — A popular filmmaker from Denmark, people know his name from The Pusher trilogy.

Fictional Characters Named Nicholas

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1. Nick Fury — Samuel L. Jackson, baby!

2. Nicolas Flamel — Known as the only real person in the J.K. Rowling famous series of fantasy novels.

3. Nicholas Nickleby — If you have read the famous Charles Dickens novel, then you will know about this one.

4. Nicke Wilde — It’s a little known fact that he was partially inspired by Robin Hood.

5. Nicholas “Nick” Stokes — Beautifully portrayed by George Eads.

Cool Middle Names For Nicholas

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1. Nicklas

2. Nikkolas

3. Nicolaus

4. Nicholus

5. Nikolaos

6. Nicholes

7. Nickoles

8. Nickalas

9. Nicklaus

10. Nickolaus

11. Nicolasa

12. Nikolos

13. Nikolaus

Variants Of Nicholas

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1. Nikos

2. Nikulas

3. Nicolaas

4. Nikorasu

5. Nico

6. Nilo

7. Nicolau

8. Nikolasi

9. Nikolai

10. Niklaus

11. Nikola

12. Niklavs

13. Nicholaus

14. Nicolo


Today we learned how awesome the name Nicholas is, and that it was translated from Greek and there are lots of famous people with this name.

It should be noted that people with this name are intelligent, cunning, charming, and prudent, but at the same time good-natured and loyal.

I hope you found some nicknames for Nicholas that you like so you can use one for your dear person with this name.

You just have to be careful when choosing, as maybe your Nicholas won’t like the new name.

I hope you liked today’s article about this popular name. Stay with us for more interesting content.

Until next time!

90 Amazing, Cool And Funny Nicknames For Nicholas

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