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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Happy Promise Day Quotes in Hindi

Promise Day also a big day from the Valentines Week. Promise day is the fifth day from the valentine week. on promise day most of the love guys who love each other they make new promises about their love and life. Promise day has celebrated on 11 February every year. and this year also it will celebrated on 11 January 2016. If you also love with someone then you should also require for make new promises for his/her happiness and life. So if you want to become determined about your love then you should require for the some Promise Day Quotes which can help you for become more determined for your promises.

Happy Promise Day
Happy Promise Day

If you are looking for the best Happy Promise Day quotes on the internet then you are at best place online. On my this post I am going to write some latest and best Happy Promise Day Quotes in Hindi and other languages. If you want to same then you can grab your favorite quote from here.

Happy Purpose Day SmS and Quotes

Happy Promise Day Quotes

Mere Dil Ki Har Dharkan Keh Rahi Hai
Mai Tum Se Aur Ziyda Mohabbat Karun
Aik Lamba Arsaa Jo Sath Hai Guzara
Yeh Tum Se Wadaa Raha Hamara
Aee Janeman
Happy Promise Day

Kiya Tha Wada Aane Ka
Lakin Aap Nibhana Bhul Gaye
Aag To Laga Di Mere Dil Mein
Lakin Bhujana Bhul Gaye
Happy Promise Day

Ye Promise Hai hamara ,na chodenge kabhi saath tumara , jo gaye tum hume bhool kar, Le ayenge pakad kar haath tumhara.

I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me,
For This Is All I Can Do.
It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This,
You Be The Greatest Of You.

Love is the happiness of today,
And promise of tomorrow,
so this warm note comes to you,
to say that live life with a images (51) full of love.
Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Quotes in Hindi

Suna Hai Wo Jate Hue Keh Gay Eke
Ab To Hum Sirf Tumare Khabo Me Ayenge
Koi Keh De Unse Ke Wo Wada Kar Lee
Hum Jindagi Bhar Ke Liye So Jayenge
Happy Promise Day.

Ye Promish Hai Humara,
Na Chhodenge Kabhi Saath Tumhara.
Jo Gaye Tum Hume Bhool Kar,
Le Aayenge Pakad Kar Haath Tumhara.
Happy Promise Day

God Didn’t Promise
Days Without Pain,
Laughter Without Sorrow,
Sun Without Rain,
But He Did Promise Strength For The Day,
Comfort For The Tears,
And Light For The Way

Ye Promish Hai Humara,
Na Chhodenge Kabhi Saath Tumhara.
Jo Gaye Tum Hume Bhool Kar,
Le Aayenge Pakd _Kar Haath Tumhara.
Happy Promise Day ..

We Met It Was Luck!
We Talked It Was Chance!
We Became Friends It Was Destiny!
We R Still Friends It Is Faith!
We'll Always Be Friends Its A Promise!
On This Promise Day!

These are the best and latest Happy Promise Day Quotes in Hindi language. If you like these you can use them from here and you also can share it with your online friends by hitting the share button given below.


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